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MOBOTIX Camera Software News

This page lists the most important changes for software version MX-V3.5.2.23.r3 since version MX-V3.4.2.16.


Enhancements and Improvements

Additional and Expanded Display Modes for Q Cameras

The Q models with L11 lens (fisheye) now feature additional image display modes. You can set these modes using the Display Modes Quick Control:

Additional information:

Full Image Storage

With this release, the cameras can always store the full image - regardless of what the live image stream is showing. This ensures that the recording always contains the full image even though the operator used the vPTZ features to zoom into the image in order to examine a specific detail of the image. This is especially interesting for the Q models, which rely strongly on the vPTZ features in the live image. This means that you can use the vPTZ features to pan, tilt and zoom the live image, while the camera is recording full images at 1 fps in MEGA or QXGA resolution. Thanks to the advanced distortion correction features of MxControlCenter (MxCC) and MxEasy, you can still play back and examine the recorded full images of Q cameras normally, i.e. without distortion. Open the Setup > Recording dialog and activate the Full Image Recording option to use this feature. Besides other parameters, this dialog also allows setting the desired resolution.

Please observe the following hints:

Enhanced Configuration Options for MxEasy Alarm Planner

When using the cameras together with MxEasy and its Alarm Planner feature, you can set time ranges for recording with totally different recording settings. It is now possible to set a surveillance camera in a store during opening hours to record continuously with 1 to 2 fps while using event-triggered recording with maximum frame rate and activated Video Motion detection and PIR sensor for detecting events.

Exposure Windows Adapted to vPTZ Features

When setting the exposure windows, e.g. by using the Exposure Control Quick Control, the camera now has two different modes:

Video Motion Detection—Enhancements and Improvements

Note: Since this feature has seen numerous changes and improvements as well as extensive testing, we cannot guarantee that the video motion windows will always behave as before. Make sure that you check the triggering of the video motion windows after uploading this software and adjust the settings, if required.

This feature has been enhanced and improved as outlined in the following:

ExtIO: Now Supports Ethernet Connections

From this software version on, you can connect the MOBOTIX ExtIO with the cameras using either a USB or an Ethernet cable. Open the Admin Menu > Manage Hardware Expansions dialog to activate the ExtIO and to set its IP address. Once connected to the camera, operation of the ExtIO is the same, regardless of how the ExtIO has been connected.

Enhancements to the HTTP API for vPTZ Control

With the expanded vPTZ features of the camera, it is now possible to control these features using the MOBOTIX camera's HTTP API. For more information on this topic, see the Online help of the camera on the The HTTP API page.

VoIP/SIP Enhancements

This area has been enhanced and improved in the following ways:

New Features and Key Assignments When Using Video SIP

When using video SIP connections, you can display these additional key assignments on the screen of a softphone or video SIP phone:

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